5 Unique features of Django Framework

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Django is one of the most preferred server-side web frameworks developers use to create websites and web apps. With minimal coding, maximum security, the Python-based Django frameworks help in faster custom apps development. Whether you have to design a ticket booking engine, B2B CRM system or web apps for financial services, getting expert Django consulting from a reputed and experienced company will help you create outstanding web apps and brand image. No wonder, it has gained maximum stars after Laravel among Server Side frameworks.

Do you know the features that make Django an enterprise-grade, versatile and unique web framework? Check out these features and their benefits that make Django a robust and secure platform for custom website and web apps development.

  1. Security
    Django offers the best security and web developers need not go for manual security features implementation. Django codes are written from scratch and expert backend developers can testify the quality and security of the framework. You can say goodbye to security concerns like clickjacking, SQL injection and cross-site scripting using the platform. Being fully tested for errors, Django provides you with a reliable and secure platform.
  2. Scalability
    Whether you need to build enterprise web apps integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning or social media sites having huge traffic, you can rely on Django for being error-free and making scalable websites. Besides this, Django web apps are suited to run on various platforms and compatible with various database management systems. These make it truly ideal for developers to use Django frameworks.
  3. Versatility
    Django frameworks are known for their versatility. Businesses, government agencies and organizations have used Django to build social networks, complex enterprise apps, CRM and content management systems. Besides this, Django is suited for Android or iOS apps, real estate evaluation apps and others.
  4. Python-based web framework
    Django is based on Python which is one of the most demandable programming languages in the market. Being simple, feature-rich and easy to learn, Django boasts of a large community of Python programmers and Django developers that makes it the most reliable platform for web developers. Django saves time for developers and helps them build custom apps in a short duration within strict deadlines. Developers can easily resolve their query by getting help from documentation or the large community by posting their questions on different forums.
  5. Facilitates Rapid Development
    The MVT architecture, the DRY (don’t repeat yourself) philosophy, the built-in extras in the Django platform like sitemaps, RSS feeds, content admin panel, user authentication and other features make development tasks easier and faster than other server-side frameworks. Getting expert Django consulting can help companies and individuals develop custom apps that will help them realize their business goals. Django strikes a fine balance between the complexity of apps and the time taken to build them, giving maximum value for developers’ time and efforts.

Besides this, various other features like excellent documentation, being SEO optimized and MVT architecture makes Django the best choice for server-side frameworks.

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